What is the difference between "48v" and "60v" electric bikes?

2021-06-21 10:18:00
Walker Group
Electric bikes are our means of transportation from work to our house, but some electric bikes use 48v batteries, while others use 60v batteries, so what exactly is the difference between them? Follow me quickly to know that in detail!
The first is the difference in accessories, the electric scooter with 48v batteries are generally made up of 12v batteries in series, and 60v with 5 batteries in series, the motor controller tyres and brakes are also different, the scooter configuration with 60v batteries is relatively higher.
The second is the power difference, generally 48v electric bicycles use the motor rate power is 350w, 60v electric bicycles electric power will be higher, 500w, 600w or 800w.
The third is that the driving speed of the car is different, the speed of the 60v electric scooter is much faster than the 48v electric scooter, then its carrying capacity is also different. If often climbing a slope is definitely 60v electric scooter will be better, if you want the electric scooter to run faster and often carry people, you can choose 60v electric scooter.
The fourth is that the more powerful ones may have more batteries installed, so they take up a large part of the space in the bicycle, so the smaller ones generally have a lower space. The most important thing is that their prices are also different, after all, the higher power ones may cost more.
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