The latest battery-care knowledge you should know

2021-03-04 08:18:00
Summary :Electric vehicles that meet the needs of small-scale transportation such as carrying people and goods are increasingly favored by the majority of urban and rural people. Whether it is for home use or commercial, electric cars are getting hotter.However, how can you make your car battery last longer? Protect the "heart" of your electric vehicles

Electric vehicles that meet the needs of small-scaletransportation such as carrying people and goods are increasingly favored bythe majority of urban and rural people. Whether it is for home use orcommercial, electric cars are getting hotter.

However, how can you make your car battery lastlonger? Protect the "heart" of your electric vehicles

●  1.Correctly manage the charging time

Generally speaking, the first three times the newbattery charging can be in 8 to 12 hours, and 6 to 8 hours charging can be forthe next charging. No need to charge after each ride. We should know that"overcharge" will reduce the service life of the battery. If thedriving mileage is short and the power consumption is not large, you can notcharge first.

●  2.Strictly prohibit long-term power loss storage

The power loss refers to the battery is not chargedin time after use. Long-term storage of batteries in a state of power loss,prone to sulfation, lead sulfate crystals attached to the pole plate, willblock the ion channel and cause insufficient charging, battery capacitydecline. The longer the battery is left idle in a state of power loss, theheavier the damage to the battery. Therefore, when the battery is idle, itshould be replenished once a month, so as to better maintain the battery healthstatus.

●  3.Avoid high-current discharge

High-current discharge can easily lead to leadsulfate crystals, which can damage the physical properties of the batteryplates. Therefore, when the electric tricycle starts, carries people and goesuphill, pay attention to smooth discharge and try to avoid instantaneoushigh-current discharge.

●  4.Avoid heating up the plug when charging

The Phenomenon such as loose charger output plug andoxidation of the contact surface can cause the charging plug to heat up, whichmay cause a short circuit to directly damage the charger. When the abovesituation occurs, the plug should be taken off in time to remove the oxideattached to it or replace the connector.

●  5.Prevent prolonged exposure to the sun

A high-temperature environment will increase theinternal pressure of the battery, resulting in the pool pressure limiting valveis forced to open automatically, which may directly cause excessive water lossof the battery. This will cause a decrease in battery activity, accelerate thesoftening of the pole plate, charging shell heating, shell bulging,deformation, and other fatal damage.

●  6.Regularinspection

If the vehicle range in a short period of timesuddenly drops more than a dozen kilometers, perhaps at least one battery inthe battery pack has a broken cell, softening of the pole plate, the activematerial of the pole plate off, and other short-circuit phenomenon. At thistime, you should promptly go to a professional battery repair institution forinspection, repair, or grouping. This can relatively extend the life of thebattery pack.

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