How to Maintain Your Battery!

2024-02-19 17:40:00
Walker Vehicle Group
Summary :New Year's resumption of work, but battery "run out"? Now teach you a few tips, let your "starve battery" restart!

I believe that all friends have had a pleasant vacation, and also returned to work one after another, and you may find that the electric vehicles, Surprisingly, "fired " after the idle days.

In fact, that's because the electric vehicle is not used for a long time, the battery is "starved".
The battery is starved to death.

Walker Vehicle will teach you a few tips to bring the battery back to life and help you effectively save the battery loss.

01. Single battery charging method
You can charge each single battery in the whole set of batteries so that it is easier to activate the battery with a higher chance. Use a 12V charger to charge each battery, because the battery has been placed for a long time, so the charging time is relatively longer than the normal daily charging.

02. Low voltage charging method
A smaller charger can be used for charging, and in most cases this is feasible.
For example, if the battery pack is 60V-20AH, you can use a 48V-20AH charger for charging, and when the voltage rises significantly after charging for at least two hours, then switch to a 60V-20AH charger for charging.

03. Parallel method
Parallel connection method consists of single parallel connection and whole group parallel connection, the principle is the same. Single parallel method can use a normal fully charged battery to connect the depleted battery directly, according to the positive pole to the positive pole, the negative pole to the negative pole way.
And the whole group in parallel is to choose a group of the same voltage and saturated fully charged battery pack, the two groups of batteries were in series connection, and then the two groups of batteries were connected to the total positive and total negative, by the principle of "battery charging battery", you can charge it successfully. It should be noted that the nominal capacity of the normal fully charged batteries is preferably greater than the depleted battery. This method is used more by dealers when testing batteries.

04. Special Charging Method
Charge the battery with a charger with a reconditioning function, no matter how many volts the battery voltage is, this kind of charger can charge it with a high reconditioning rate. If you have this kind of charger, you don't need to worry about the battery not being charged.

Warm Tips from Walker Vehicle CO.:
If you have a battery with a serious loss of power because it has not been charged for a long time, you can try the above methods to repair it, but some batteries have been left for too long, causing the battery to sulfurize, which can not be repaired, so remember to recharge it in time to protect our batteries.

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