The dangers of charging your electric bikes battery every day

2021-08-27 20:00:00
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1. Charge and discharge times
As most electric vehicles are fitted with lead-acid batteries, they have a certain number of charge and discharge cycles. Generally speaking, they are fully charged and discharged around 360 times, which means that the consumption of the charge and discharge times will be accelerated if they are charged every day, thus shortening the battery life to a certain extent. In short, one charge a day will drain the battery more than one charge every three days.

2. Water loss rate
If you drive back from a daily ride and charge immediately, you will also accelerate the rate of water loss from the battery, which will cause it to age faster. Why is that? Because the battery will heat up rapidly in the riding state, and the temperature does not dissipate in time just after stopping. Charging at this point will make the battery heat up even faster, even up to 60 degrees, so that the battery will lose water faster and its service life will be affected.

3. Charger aging
In addition to affecting the battery, charging every day will also accelerate the aging rate of the charger. Because electric car chargers have a certain service life, charging every day will make the internal components of the charger aging speed up, and as time goes by, once the user is not awared of this situation, then the charger parameters will shift and does not work properly.

4. Solutions

If users don't use electric vehicles much, recharge it once a week to prevent the battery from running out of charge. If you use it frequently, try to recharge it once every 2 to 3 days. This will extend the life of the battery. In addition, when charging your electric car, try to charge it at about one-third of its capacity, so as to prevent the battery from being strained and prolong its life.

Editor: Sophia Cui

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