Do you charge your electric vehicles in right way?

2021-09-02 13:04:00
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Electric vehicle charging, first plug thecharging port, or power port? Many people charge in the wrong way.

I do not know how everyone usually chargethe electric vehicles? Wrong charging way can lead to serious consequences.

The correct charging sequence should beplugged into the battery plug first, and then into the charger plug. Whencharging is in progress, the red light is always on and we can hear thewhirring sound, like the running fan. When the charger light turns green, pullthe power first, then the battery plug off.

Many electric car vehicle users will bepuzzled, why charging to insert the battery plug first and then the power end?There are 2 main reasons!

Reason 1: Avoid damaging the charger andaffecting the battery life.

If you charge the electric bicyclesdirectly into the power port first, then into the battery charging port, themost likely to cause a large inrush current when inserted into the battery,excessive inrush current is likely to damage the charger, as well as affectingthe life of the battery.

Because the charger has a soft-startprocess, the charging current will have a delayed gradual rise in the start-upprocess, charging port first can protect the charger and battery from thedamage of inrush current impact effectively.

From the detail of charging the electric vehicles,we can find that how to charge the electric car safely and correctly is an art,which not only affects the battery life of the electric vehicle, but alsodetermines how high the safety factor of the electric vehicle is.

Most importantly, we must recognizequalified electric vehicle suppliers with higher quality assurance; when we buychargers, we should prefer the matching chargers, never buy cheap, low-cost, chargerswithout over-charge and over-discharge and other protective measures.

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